Rhythm is everywhere, everything is rhythmical,

Rhythm is the law of the "authoritative" power,

The secret principle of creation, structuring and altering everything.

Rhythm is change and recurrence, motion and rest, tension and relaxation,

assembly and division, joy and pain, life and death,

sound and silence, patience and lightning-fast action.

Early on, we experience the swiftness of the "rhythm of the moment",

of the unexpected, instantaneous change in situations and moods,

and gradually get used to the rhythm of day and night,

of hours, minutes and seconds, of weeks, months and seasons.

Walking is rhythm and signifies the complex relationship

of gravity to our limbs and our sense of balance.

Language is rhythm. Everyone has his or her own rhythm in speaking

and every language has its own rhythm.

Music is rhythmical sound language.


Peter Giger, in his book "die Kunst des Rhythmus", 1992

Photo: FOP - Doug Hammond